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Summer Sale!

Visit our store and tasting room and experience the largest selection of fruit wines in BC! Strawberry Dessert Wine Summer Sale $10 Blackberry Dessert Wine Summer Sale $10

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Richmond farm enters winemaking business

Richmond’s first farm-based winery, complete with a tasting room and store, is scheduled to open Saturday, adding a new wrinkle to the city’s agricultural offerings. Sanduz Estate Wines, owned by Dave and Neeta Sandhu and located at 12791 Blundell Road, is in the heart of one of B.C.’s richest agricultural zones. The Sandhus say they’re banking on scores of urban…

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Red tape delays winery

Blueberry season is here, but that fact has one local grower in a quandary: Should he pack his crop away into cold storage or sell it? Richmond is behind the indecision as berry farmer Dave Sandhu hasbeen trying for more than a year to convince city hall to allow him to set up a berry winery on his 150-acre farm…

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They pick, we sip

Someone asked me where to go for U-pick blueberries. I replied that I had no interest in knowing where to go for u-picks. The trauma of spending summers picking blueberries among the stinky hot bark mulch for 9¢ a pound (and I usually called it a day after nine pounds which gave me 81¢ in take home pay) has kept…

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