They pick, we sip

Someone asked me where to go for U-pick blueberries. I replied that I had no interest in knowing where to go for u-picks.

The trauma of spending summers picking blueberries among the stinky hot bark mulch for 9¢ a pound (and I usually called it a day after nine pounds which gave me 81¢ in take home pay) has kept me away from the fields.

I do however still love to eat the plump berries. And most recently, I love to drink them.

Over the past year I heard rumblings about a new winery, a blueberry winery, and finally made my way to Sanduz Estate Winery on Blundell Road at Sidaway.

“We are more than a blueberry winery,” says Neeta Sandhu, who owns the winery with her husband Dave.

The shelves in the tasting room offer blackberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, peach, strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, and crab apple wines.

“But we are more than a fruit winery,” says Neeta